Your feedback is crucial in helping us provide the best product and service in the hardscape lighting industry. Please share a testimonial about your Integral Lighting experience.

I have approximately 55 under-cap LED lights along my perimeter walls and steps. They’ve been installed for about five years. Although I’ve had an occasional failure of a light fixture, the folks at Integral were quick with a replacement, quick with technical support and overall OUTSTANDING in the service which they provided. Their product adds value, beauty and safety to our property. I could not recommend them more highly for a landscape lighting company.

– Marc D.

Great vendor to work with. Products ship incredibly fast, prompt replies to all emails and we have not experienced any backorder issues as of today.

– Liz S.

Great products. Great service. Pleasure to deal with this company.

– John S.

We needed additional lighting for a remodel project and wanted to match what the contractor had used previously. Since years had passed, the product had changed somewhat, but Integral Lighting helped match it perfectly. They even sent more filters than we needed at no charge. Outstanding company and exceptional customer service!

– Marty H.

I can’t say enough good things about Integral Lighting! I had eight lights installed in a retaining wall in 2013. Last year, one started to go dim. I contacted Integral to purchase a replacement LED module for it. Customer service offered to email me a warranty request form and asked me to send a few pics. Since the lights were at least six years old when the problem started, I wasn’t expecting much. To my surprise, they offered to replace all eight of my lights! Who does that!? The replacements are in and beautiful. I am a customer for life. I just ordered two path lights.

– Ron C.

We’ve sold Integral Lighting for over ten years. Their products are the highest quality – made in the US! Our customers are always pleased with their products. Excellent customer service also!

– Lori A.

I needed a replacement hardscape light (quite a few years old), and Kelsey helped me troubleshoot in a matter of minutes and instead of the entire light fixture, she let me know I only needed a replacement socket which was considerably cheaper, and easy to replace. It was on it’s way to me that afternoon, and I received it a day later. Everyone I talked to was professional and friendly. I would use them again in a heartbeat. Thanks!

– Jean C.

I am a showroom manager and work with Integral Lighting for many of my landscape projects. The quality of their product is excellent and they always are stocked with the items my clients are looking for. Many of my contractors insist on installing Integral’s products. The design and engineering of their fixture is simple and there are very, very few issues with their systems. Integral will sell repair parts for their fixtures too! Integral’s customer service is beyond compare. You talk to a knowledgeable person who takes the time to answer your questions and ensures to send you reference material related to your inquiry. When placing an order, they are dependable and speedy. I cannot remember a time that they did not ship my order the same day (as long as in by 1:00 PM EST) and to reiterate, they had my order on the shelf to ship. Let me set an example: I had a client call me before I arrived at the showroom. He called back and we discussed his options, and then he came in at his lunch and we found Integral Lighting was our product. I wrote him a quote and he placed the order. I sent the order to Kelsey and by 2:30 PM I had a confirmation and tracking on my order to be delivered the next day! Granted we are close to their warehouse, but I cannot ask for any better service! I would strongly recommend you consider Integral for your hardscaping projects. Thank you to Integral Lighting for managing a fine company. I look forward to our continued business relationship.

– Christopher D.

I enjoy working with Integral Lighting very much. Kelsey is amazing and always makes time to answer my questions and help me with anything I need. They are fast and my orders have always gone out on time! They are all very good at what they do! Thank you for making my job as a distributor so easy!

– Goya Lighting

My favorite product is the Pavelux paver inserts. We installed 96 of them on our job. They are easy to work with and put off a warm, welcoming accent light.

– Rhees Outdoor Living

Excellent service and products!! I have been selling their products for many years, and will continue.

– DeMarco Brothers Landscape Supplies

We used your in-walk and under-step LEDs and love them! You even came and corrected the color of the under-step light because it was ordered incorrectly. We will use your product in our next landscaping project.

– Matt L.

If 1/4th of the manufacturers we deal with were as good as you, our lives would be great. Our customers appreciate the reliability of your products, with pretty much zero callbacks.

– SiteLight ld, Inc.

5 star rating. They are a wonderful company to work with and their products are top of the line.

– Swisher Concrete Products

I have been in the hardscape business for 20 years now, and Integral Lighting is a big part of the package installed for many homeowners. Reliable, durable, and affordable products for many outdoor areas, enjoyed mostly at night.

– Mason Dixon Landscaping

I was very pleased with the responsiveness and support provided from Integral Lighting. For reasons not under their control, an installation issue occurred that required a change out of lamp fixtures. They promptly shipped new product to replace the damaged on site, answered questions on how to minimize re-installation issues, were great with follow up, and very supportive in our dealings with local distributors. They also asked for the damaged lamps (again, not their issue) to be returned at no cost so that they could examine them to continually improve their internal quality. A highly professional organization with talented staff at the front line in client relationships.

– Bill H.

As an owner of a landscape design/build firm for over 20 years, we have tried many lighting products. Integral Lights are the ONLY lights that we install on each and every job… they are well built, withstand the time test, and are easily installed.

– Michael L.

AMERICAN MADE!! Installed 1000+ NEVER 1 problem. Super service. The best lights you can use.

– Tom S.

I was impressed with their customer service. I had a problem with several wall lights burning out time and time again. It turned out to be the transformer. An upgrade took care of the problem.

– Roy R.

Thank you for replacing our light fixtures that were hit by lightning. Your people were wonderful to deal with, and I appreciated the opportunity to stop by and exchange the fixtures myself. The new lights are working well and look great. Thanks again for the excellent service and the warranty consideration.

– Dennis M.

Integral Lighting has been very helpful to my company with design booklets, test kits and home show support for several years. Christen has been very helpful in making our home show booth perfect! Thank you for all your help. I personally provide Integral samples for all my outdoor lighting hardscape projects.

– Pittsburgh Outdoor Living

Excellent customer service – prompt, detailed, and followed up with me to make sure I was satisfied. One can’t ask for anything more from a vendor!

– Dufour Gardens

Integral Lighting went above and beyond the norm for customer service and product warranty for me. I was experiencing an issue with two of my LED fixtures that were installed by a landscape contractor. I contacted Integral Lighting and Mary Ann walked me through many of the potential causes for the issue I was experiencing, and assured me that Integral Lighting would stand behind their product, and that my issue would be resolved. I returned the items and within a week, two new fixtures arrived at my house at no cost to me, even though the fixtures I had returned worked perfectly fine when tested at Integral Lighting. Based on my experience, I highly recommend that you use Integral Lighting products for your landscape lighting projects. Their outstanding customer service and warranty is second to none! Their products are stylish and look great in my patio and the surrounding landscape walls.

– Allan H.

Great products with excellent customer service!

– A&B Kearns Trucking & Stone

Thank you so much for your support. Our front yard is truly a showcase in our community, for which your company is to thank!

– Ed & Debbie W.

I really like your product. It was easy to install and I also purchased the PL24 path lights which do an amazing job. Thank you for your support!

– Ken H.

I just want to congratulate Integral Lighting for providing top notch customer service. I am a homeowner who had some of your accent lights installed by a professional a few years ago and I have had nothing but 100% satisfaction with the follow up you have provided with the minor issues I have had with the maintenance and repair of a few of the lights. I wish every company was as responsive and respectful of their customers!

– Kevin R.

I just had these installed in a small retaining wall around our new deck. They are nice looking fixtures and very subtle. The light level is perfect for our application.

– Tony I.

Integral Lighting outdoor lighting products have proven to be excellent lighting fixtures that have held up over the years, requiring virtually very little maintenance.

– Lawrence B.

I have used Integral Lighting to handle all of my patio lighting needs. Their products look great, are easy to work with, and work as advertised. I was able to purchase their products and install them myself without any issues. I’ve continued to use them to buy replacement parts that I’ve needed over the years and will continue to do so.

– Ryan W.

The Integral LED lights were easy to install, which was good because I am by no means an electrician. They work perfectly, and add a pleasant ambiance to our outdoor living area at night. We liked them so much, we added some to an existing stone wall around our pond. During the day, the fixtures are subtle and blend well with the surrounding retaining wall, they even blend in with the stone wall. A “Dusk to Dawn” feature on our transformer means we don’t need to think about the lights – they’re automatic. With LEDs, we won’t be changing bulbs constantly, and no maintenance on top of that, is just great. I am extremely pleased with the operation and look of the lights. They are a definite aesthetic and safety enhancement to our home.

– Brian R.

Thus far we are very satisfied with the Integral Lighting products. They seem to be well constructed and all the components worked out of the box … no DOAs, as often happens with small lighting products.

– Bayshore Management

We and our clients LOVE Integral Lighting’s under-cap, low-profile LED lights for walls and steps! We have used them for several projects and highly recommend them!

– Pristine Acres

We purchase our products through a distributor, but when we have called Integral Lighting in the past, they have been very professional and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality lights.

– West Country Gardens

I have used Integral Lighting products for the past 4 years, on nearly every patio and deck project I have designed and installed. The lamps are nearly undetectable due to the slim profile and a color assortment to match or compliment nearly every installation. Ordering and receiving the lights is turn key; when I order from my distributor by 10:00 AM, the lights are in my hands the next day. The selection of lighting hues and finish colors makes each installation fit my clients requirements, the fantastic guarantee allows me to install them with confidence. The subtle lighting provided by Integral LED fixtures is the perfect element of ambiance to my design build projects.

– Sierra Landscape and Design

We have been using Integral under-cap lights for a couple years now and we are very impressed with the quality. We have never replaced a light and they always install quickly. These lights really highlight our hardscape projects.

– JLC Landscaping

The lights are very easy to install. It is a quality product that I have used for the last five years.

– Dave F.

I have been a landscape designer for 25 years and have seen the evolution of landscape lighting. Integral Lighting was the first on the scene with under cap lighting, and I consider their LED line to be the standard against all others should be measured.

– John K.

We have used Integral Lighting’s product for over six years. We have had little to no service calls on the product from our customers. Product is high quality. Their customer service team is outstanding and provides our company literature to educate our clientele. Highly recommend them.

– United Corp of NJ

Integral Lighting installs quickly under pillar caps and seat wall coping. Being able to easily remove the faceplate allows for ease of access when changing the bulbs – this is important to my clients who want to maintain their own lighting systems. We receive the lights quickly upon ordering. Each time I have contacted Integral with questions about their product (via email), I have received a response within one day. This is helpful to me when I need to get a proposal finished or wrap up a project in a given timeline. On my most recent project, mortar got on the faceplates, and Integral offered to send (free of charge) new faceplates to the client. We were able to clean the original faceplates, so we didn’t need the new ones, but the offer was greatly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Integral products and service to other contractors.

– Bret Achtenhagen’s Seasonal Services

I’ve been using Integral Lighting fixtures in my patio jobs for over 7 years. Their products have only gotten better, and their latest Ultrawarm LED fixtures are fantastic! Low power consumption, natural warm light, and extremely easy construction. We continue to use their lighting fixtures on jobs ranging from $1,000 to $35,000+. The low profile of the fixtures help them to blend into the wall or step, and their wide range of colors are great for complimenting any color of wall or step block.

– Willow Gates Landscaping

A friend had a retaining wall built in his backyard over the summer with about 8 of the Integral Lighting hardscape fixtures installed around the perimeter. When the lights are on, it looks amazing. A beautiful soft glow shining on the walkway and illuminating the wall. When my retaining wall project is completed, these fixtures will be installed to light up the stairs.

– Frank V.

I’m from England and found some lights for my garden on the internet. IL600 LEDs are very unusual and I couldn’t find a product like it in England. Integral Lighting could not have been more helpful, in the information they provided, and also assistance with shipping. A totally wonderful experience.

– Janet B.

The Green Contractors have been installing Integral Lighting for three years. Integral Lighting is second to none in quality and durability, they are easy for contractor installation, and have an impressive color selection complimenting every hardscape color available. We have never had a customer complaint.

– The Green Contractors

I am a contractor out in Pennsylvania and just put in my first system. Integral Lighting provided all the equipment and support. Everything worked perfectly, and they provided great phone support. We will be buying more soon!

– F. C.

Many thanks for your continued reliable service. We appreciate the personal attention when we require technical support. Looking forward to our continued use of your fixtures.

– Castlerock Nursery