What’s behind six years of price stability?

  • Standards & Consistency

Our manufacturing process applies the best practices to ensure standards are met and consistency is achieved through our standard practices.

  • Observation & Improvement

We listen, pay attention and remain open minded.

  • Lean Manufacturing

Our production methods and systems take into account the expenditures of all related resources, and specifically, the value of wasted time.

  • Creativity Over Capital

We keep saying “there has to be an easier way” both in standard product innovation, as well as service and support.

  • Value Stream

Our attention to exceeding the expectations of our customers through the continual review of information, materials and ensuing service.

  • Six Sigma Focus

Our management strategy is continually seeking to improve quality by identifying and removing the causes of defects. We minimize variability to deliver a consistent product and experience to our customers.

Yes, Made in America can still happen… it happens every day at Integral Lighting.