Ten years ago, Integral Lighting introduced the “original” hardscape lighting fixture that revolutionized the way a hardscape light was installed. Today, we are announcing the release of Pavelux®, a paver light designed to be discreet, unobtrusive and easy to install.

We have spoken with many contractors who felt paver lights on the market were expensive to install, unsightly during the day and obtrusive to their designs. We listened to these concerns and agreed that a new design was needed. After thorough research and examination, we have designed a new paver light to eliminate the headaches associated with paver lighting.

Eliminate the headaches associated with paver lighting …

  • No metal parts to corrode
  • No screws to fight or misplace
  • No cracking or discolored lenses
  • No core drilling or cutting
  • No batteries or sockets to fail or replace
  • No buried connections in your stone base

Pavelux® is a waterproof, completely encapsulated LED paver light designed to minimize impact on your design. A choice of three lengths insert easily into your hardscape accent border with no cutting or drilling.